• Initial Consultation (60 to 90 mins) -  E50

  • Follow-up visit- E30

  • Herbal tinctures usually 1:3 strength - E10  per 100ml (this is usually one week supply) so a 5 week supply is E50 and a 3 week supply is E30

  • Herbal tinctures in 100ml dropper bottles - E10

  • Teas - E6 per 50g

  • Cough Syrups - E10 per 100ml bottle

  • Herbal balms (muscle/chest) - E10 per 60ml jar

  • Powders (Slippery elm/Ashwaganda etc) - E8 per 60ml jar

  • Powdered capsules (Turmeric, Valerian etc) - E8 per 60ml jar

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Please email me at info@theherbalist.ie with any queries regarding herbal medicine and health, detailing the best way to contact you, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

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